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Free Shoutbox

New Generation Ajax Shoutbox

What is Shoutcamp?
Shoutcamp is a shoutbox/tagboard/chatterbox widget. This will add a live chat capabilities to your website easily and freely. * now we use ajax.

What for?
Your website is nothing without visitors, so always keep in touch with your visitors by installing shoutcamp to your website.
Contact us link is so yesterday, from now on start using shoutcamp to interact with your visitors.
(*ups this site is also so yesterday, coz still has a contact us link)

Why this Ajax Shoutbox Different?
Coz we have so many unbeatable features:

- Ajax Technology
- Unlimited entries
- Many stylish design available
- Reply on Entry
- Complete and Funny smilies
- Shoutbox Avatar
- Easy Installation
- Custom CSS support
- Absolutely Free
- Fload control
- Long word break
- Multi shoutbox in one account
- Configurable Shoutbox language


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